Make Agreement in a Sentence

Have you ever been confused about how to properly use the verb agreement in a sentence? It can be a tricky word, with several different meanings depending on the context. But fear not, as a professional, I am here to break it down for you.

Firstly, let`s define what agreement means. It can refer to a mutual understanding or harmony between two or more parties. For example, “The two companies came to an agreement regarding the terms of their partnership.” In this context, agreement means they reached a mutual understanding or compromise.

However, the word agreement can also mean the act of agreeing to something. For instance, “The employees signed an agreement to follow the company`s code of conduct.” Here, agreement means a legal contract or document.

Now, let`s look at a common mistake people make when using this word. Many often say “make an agreement” instead of “reach an agreement”. Using “make” with agreement is grammatically incorrect and should be avoided. Instead, use “reach” or “come to” to convey the action of agreement.

For example, instead of saying “We need to make an agreement on the project deadline,” say “We need to reach an agreement on the project deadline.” This small change in language makes a big difference in proper grammar and clarity.

In conclusion, understanding the proper use of agreement in a sentence is crucial for effective communication. Remember to use “reach” or “come to” instead of “make” to avoid common grammar errors. By doing so, you`ll be able to convey your message clearly and effectively.

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